"The New Republic's self-annihilation could take decades; and long before they destroyed themselves they would have made sure to grind the remnants of the Empire to dust. Needless to say, all of us would be dead. Killed in battle, or else executed under their current concept of justice."
"After being paraded as war prizes before crowds of cheering sub-humans. Probably stripped and staked out-"
Gilad Pellaeon, and Sander reluctantly conceding that peace with the New Republic is necessary[src]

Sander was a Moff on the Council of Moffs in 19 ABY. He was a realist, acknowledging both that some systems in his sector would leave the Empire if given the choice and that Pellaeon was right about the need to negotiate peace while they could. He was a Humanocentrist and had an obsessive fear of being captured by the New Republic.


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19 ABY
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