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Sander de Lange from the Netherlands wrote the backstory of Niai Fieso appearing in the Databank, through the What's The Story? feature of Hyperspace. His alias is exarxan on, and is also known as Exar Xan on Wookieepedia.

He is a contributing editor of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars fanclub. At Celebration Europe II he organized the Star Wars Trivia Challenge on Sunday as part of TeeKay-421.

Together with Tim Veekhoven and Kevin Beentjes, Sander did research for the Rogues Gallery feature in Star Wars Insider, starting with issue 145.

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Star Wars in 100 ScenesEdit

Together with Jason Fry, Sander connected the N-1 starfighter that Anakin Skywalker flew in during the Battle for Naboo to be belonging previously to Essara Till.

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