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"There's always a bigger fish."
Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Sando aqua monsters were enormous, muscular predators that could be found in the oceans and lakes of Naboo. Although they could grow up to 200 meters, they were rarely seen. Thanks to their sharp teeth, they were capable of biting through the strong armor of the opee sea killers.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Measuring between 160[1] and 200 meters in length, the sando aqua monsters owed their name to their gigantic size.[2] Despite that, they managed to hide in their native oceanic depths.[5] Sandos had heavily muscled bodies that looked almost feline, with strong limbs ending in finned claws that propelled them through the depths.[2]

Their huge mouths allowed them to swallow most other creatures of the Abyss in a single gulp.[2] Using their razor-shap teeth, they were also the only predators capable of biting through the hard shells of the opee sea killers.[5]

Their life-spans typically reached one hundred standard years.[1]


The Sando Aqua Monsters were carnivores. In order to maintain their gigantic bodies, those voracious creatures needed to feed constantly, and they often devoured entire schools of fish.[5]


The sando aqua monsters hailed from Naboo, a Mid Rim planet whose core comprised a network of underwater tunnels.[1] Although the Gungans, the sentient amphibians native to Naboo, rarely encountered living specimens,[5] there were reports of washed-up sando corpses on beaches. For most inhabitants of Naboo, the sando aqua monster was more of a terrifying myth than a reality.[1]

Sando aqua monsters in the galaxyEdit

Sabine Wren painted a stylized Sando aqua monster on the Phantom's hull.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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