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The Sandral estate.

The Sandral estate was the residence of the Sandral family on Dantooine. Not far from the Jedi Enclave, the estate was visited by the amnesiac Jedi Revan and his companions during the Jedi Civil War. Its owner was Nurik Sandral, who lived with daughter Rahasia and son Casus.

A Lethisk-class armed freighter that was owned by the Sandrals sat on the roof of the structure.


Nurik was involved in a feud with a neighboring family, the Matales - Ahlan Matale in particular. Nurik was distraught over the loss of his son Casus, whom he believed had been killed by the rival family patriarch Ahlan Matale. In retaliation, Nurik kidnapped Ahlan's son and Rahasia's secret lover, Shen Matale, holding him in the estate as a prisoner until the intervention of Revan.

Revan was able to convince the young lovers to confront their respective fathers about the long-lasting disagreement. When the two revealed their love to each other and their parents, a brief argument broke out, which Revan and his companions mediated with positive results. Shen Matale and Rahasia Sandral convinced their parental units to purchase a house for them and allow them to marry. The fathers accepted their children's pleas to allow them to wed; however, while the feud would cease between their common ground, the two parents would continue to fight.

The estate, along with most of the pathways leading to it, was presumed to be destroyed during the Sith attack on the Enclave; however, the estate could have avoided destruction depending on how widespread Darth Malak's attack was.


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