The Sandral family was a wealthy family of settlers on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. They had a feud with the Matale family.[1]

When Casus Sandral disappeared while investigating the Rakatan ruins on Dantooine, his father Nurik Sandral assumed that the Matale family was behind the disappearance. Nurik kidnapped and imprisoned Shen Matale in retaliation. Despite the feud, Nurik's daughter Rahasia Sandral had already fallen in love with Shen.[1]

When Revan and his companions investigated the disappearances, they freed Shen, and reunited him with Rahasia. The two attempted to escape their parents, but were both caught. Revan helped the two fathers to take steps toward ending their feud, and Nurik and Ahlan were convinced to buy their children a new estate so the young couple could start their own lives together.[1]

In 3951 BBY, Administrator Terena Adare mentioned that the Sandrals and Matales were 'removed' during the Jedi Civil War.[2]

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If Revan fails to persuade Nurik and Ahlan to allow their children to marry, Shen and Rahasia run away to the Jedi Enclave and leave their families behind (and most likely die when Darth Malak attacks the Enclave). Revan can also convince Shen to break Rahasia's heart and return home with his father.[1]


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