Captain Sandrex Olotho was a spy for Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin in Admiral Inos Fonada's chain of command. She went on to serve Fonada when he became a warlord.


Olotho began her spying career sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin. When Tarkin died aboard the first Death Star, she remained in Fonada's service, eventually becoming Fonada's adjutant. Following the Battle of Endor, Fonada went warlord, and the physically attractive and skilled Olotho served as the admiral's eyes and ears on the battlefield.

Her career was distinguished by an incident where, while in the field, one of Fonada's trooper detachments defected to the New Republic. Rallying the few remaining loyalists, she dug into a defensive position and planned her escape. By capturing several leathery-winged deshfinops, coating them with a slow-burning resin, and releasing them, she sewed confusion among the ranks of the defectors and set fires in their encampment. The disorganization that resulted allowed Olotho and her followers to break through enemy lines and escape, even successfully capturing a few New Republic soldiers in the process.