"The poison and glands of sandstone scorpions and spine spiders turned out to have medical applications."
―Nakari Kelen explains why her father set up his business on Pasher[src]

Sandstone scorpions were a species native to the desert planet Pasher. The scorpions possessed poison glands and had armor which was highly effective at deflecting heat. Fayet Kelen chose to set up his business, Kelen Biolabs, locally on Pasher where he made large amounts of money from the medical applications of sandstone scorpion poison glands, as well as the glands of spine spiders. Kelen's daughter Nakari hunted the scorpions with a slugthrower as the creatures' armor could reflect blaster bolts.[1]

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Sandstone scorpions were first mentioned in Heir to the Jedi, a novel written by Kevin Hearne and published in 2015.


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