This article is about the Rebel Alliance team on Sriluur. You may be looking for Sandwind Team (Tatooine).

Sandwind team was an undercover group in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, which was active on the planet Sriluur, specifically the Lesser Cueva Expanse.

The team had ties to the Black Sun Vigo Sprax and was responsible for several successful missions in the area around the Sisar Run. They also purchased several starships from Sprax for much less than the Rebel Alliance would have normally paid.

There were six members of the Sandwind Team on Sriluur. The unit was commanded by Near-Human Lieutenant Jodar Frein with Rallan the Tratlin as his first officer. The other members were the Twi'lek Redlio, the Nikto Ka'i'lorshin, the Human Plin Shardona, and the Reigat Moldisin.