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The Sanhedrim Ship was the mode of transportation used by the warrior class of the Aing-Tii monks.[1]


The ships were approximately 300 meters long and cylindrical in form, with a very organic look to them. No ship looked the same as any other of its class, possibly due to indeed being of organic growth or origin.[1]

The vessels' exteriors were covered by the same markings that the Aing-Tii themselves applied to their exoskeletons, as well as what would appear to be an apparently random array of engines and weaponry sprouting out of the ship. It had a crew of 150 with 66 gunners.[1]

Though the battle tactics employed by the Aing-Tii frequently included ramming their targets, they had various external weapons installed, including energy web generators and null-burst projectors. There were usually thirty of these energy web generators and six null-burst projectors on each Sanhedrim starship.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sanhedrin was a council of judges in historical Judaism.



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