Sanjay Rash's Royal Proclamation, full name His Majesty's Royal Proclamation for the preservation of the Security of Onderon and the Peace Within Iziz, was a proclamation made by usurper king and Separatist puppet ruler of Onderon, Sanjay Rash, shortly after the Onderon rebels were formed.


The royal proclamation, written in High Galactic script, stated that the Royal Family has taken into consideration of the safety and well-being of the subjects of Onderon as well as citing the Treaty of Iziz to preserve the way of life for the Onderonians, and also cited the importance of the sanctity of life in cities such as Iziz and citing their role in the morals of their society before declaring war against acts of terrorism within Onderon and comparing the murders to that of the jungle beasts that the walls protected the city against. He then requested that they immediately notify any actions that are suspected to be terrorism to the Security Droid legions posted within the city. The document is then signed in Rash's Aurebesh signature.

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The document appeared in a Facebook post and a Twitter post for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series just one day prior to the episode The Soft War aired in Canada; and two days prior to its airing in the United States. Both the Facebook and the Twitter accounts, when showing the image, also briefly questioned whether the Onderon rebels were intended to be patriotic or if they were actually traitors.

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