Sanju Pyne was a Human male who served the Sith Empire on the planet of Balmorra as an undercover agent for Imperial Intelligence infiltrated in the Balmorran resistance. He assisted Cipher Nine by helping the agent infiltrate the Eagle's Balmorran cell lead by Gray Star.

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Behind the scenesEdit

As a female agent it is possible to flirt with and even "have drinks" with Sanju. Toward a male agent, he is merely friendly, and not able to be flirted with.

If the agent player picks the dark side option during the mission "Know the Enemy" and doesn't warn the Imperials that collaborators are about to be exposed, Sanju will get killed by Chemish upon delivery of the mission as he will attempt to duplicate the list. If the agent player picks the light side option, Sanju will survive.

If Sanju survived "Know the Enemy" he will contact you after you disable the forcefield during the mission "Destroy the Enemy". He will inform you that the package they have asked you to bring is in fact for Gray Star and Sanju offers an alternative solution where you trap Gray Star and allow Sanju to take over the terrorist cell in secret.


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