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Pyke Syndicate leader Lom Pyke's face and hands were stained with Sansanna spice.

Sansanna spice was a spice that was hard to come by in the galaxy at large, due in part to it being heavily taxed in some fourteen systems. As one of Ventooine's major exports it was regulated severely by the ruling Satabs. Unlike some spices, it was ingested directly into the mouth, resulting in the staining of addicts' face and hands. The Pyke Syndicate dealt with this spice, and its leader Lom Pyke's face and hands were stained by it.

In 20 BBY, a crate filled with pure Sansanna spice was stolen, with many other items, on the transport taken by Darth Maul and Savage Opress. The ship was then boarded by a group of Hondo Ohnaka's pirates, who found the crate of Sansanna spice and reported it to the group's leader Jiro. Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a major source of it was traced by Han Solo to Ventooine, which triggered a sequence of events that led to the end of the Satab line.



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