Sanshur Flats was an industrial manufacturing city on the Outer Rim world of Vlemoth Port. Built by the Muun industrialists who developed Vlemoth Port, Sanshur Flats was located along a massive, continent-dividing river, and contained numerous factories. Before and during the pan-galactic Clone Wars, Sanshur Flats produced missiles for the InterGalactic Banking Clan and their Hailfire-class droid tanks. The IGBC built an orbiting gun platform known as Vlemoth Station to defend its interests from a Galactic Republic attack, though the installation was later grounded on the planet's surface and converted into an independent spaceport and administration center, where it towered over the nearby Sanshur Flats.[1]

After the Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, Vlemoth Port's industry was nationalized by the new Empire, and Sanshur Flats' industrial facilities were sold off to independent merchants. Over time, the Muuns quietly bought back control of the planet, and turned to renting out Sanshur Flats' numerous factories to multiple corporations for the manufacture of a variety of goods. The Muuns oversaw Vlemoth Port's planetary commerce from the upper floors of Vlemoth Station, collecting rent and taxes on trade coming in and out of Sanshur Flats. Strict protocols and harsh enforcement established by the planet's Muun owners made smuggling a rarity in the city.[1]

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The city of Sanshur Flats was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the roleplaying game adventure book Friends Like These, published on December 8, 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games.[1]


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