"Santor, there is really nothing to decide. You are the best among us. You should go."

Santor was an aging diplomat from the planet Shawken. He led Shawken's temporary government after the Galactic Empire abandoned the world following the Battle of Endor. He was eventually contacted by Luke Skywalker who was working as a diplomat at the time. Skywalker eventually convinced Santor to attend the First Conference of Free Peoples on the forest moon of Endor where he represented his home planet.


Santor was well-respected on Shawken, and even during the rule of the Galactic Empire over the planet, he was looked to as a source of wisdom and guidance by the people of Shawken. Following the Battle of Endor, the Imperials stationed on Shawken immediately evacuated the area for fear that the Rebel threat that had destroyed the Death Star II would soon advance on their position. Although the Rebellion was not actually on its way to liberate Shawken, the planet was soon free from the Empire and its rule. Santor, as a respected individual of the planet, became the unofficial leader following the evacuation.

Enjoying the planet's newfound freedom, Santor and his people were delighted when a delegation from the Alliance to Restore the Republic arrived to invite Shawken to attend a diplomatic conference concerning the formation of a new government in the Alliance of Free Planets. The delegation, including Jedi Luke Skywalker, the Hoojib Plif, the Iskalonian Kiro, and the Rik Duel gang were invited back to Santor's home to discuss a possible alliance. When Rik Duel and his group expressed their indifference towards the proceedings, Santor told them that they were free to explore Shawken's catacombs while the rest of the group proceeded to his house.

At Santor's abode, Skywalker proposed that Shawken send a delegate to the first meeting of the Alliance of Free Planets. Although Santor was sure that Shawken would want a say in the new government, he was unsure who to send to the conference. Margan, one of Santor's young devotees waved away Santor's ignorance, informing Skywalker that Santor would of course be the one to attend the meeting. As the group made plans for Santor to travel to Endor to attend the meeting, they were interrupted by a young man that had been guarding the catacombs which Rik Duel and his gang had gone exploring in.

The guard informed the group that Duel and his people had inadvertently activated an unknown machine within the catacombs, causing the entire cavern to pulse with energy. Santor, Skywalker, and the rest of the group quickly ran out to the catacombs but were suddenly attacked by an energy weapon that had been activated by the same disturbance. Skywalker disabled the device, but the presence of the weapon confirmed for Santor what the machine must be. Santor recounted the story of an ancient scientist who had created a universe destroying weapon long ago but had never become depressed enough to activate it. The machine that had been activated apparently had the ability to propel the core of Shawken into Hyperspace and set off a chain reaction throughout the galaxy, destroying every world in existence.

Awakened to the gravity of the situation, Skywalker resolved to destroy the core of the machine, and along with his companion Kiro, the two entered into the depths of the catacombs. Santor and Rik's parties waited expectantly outside of the entrance, listening to a resounding ticking that slowly counted down the time till their destruction. Suddenly, the ticking abruptly stopped, and the party looked expectantly at the entrance to the depths that Kiro and Luke had entered. Eventually, a dim light began to form at the entrance, and as Santor and the rest looked on, Luke ascended out of the hole, carrying Kiro on his shoulder. Luke informed the rest that Kiro had destroyed the weapon at a great cost to himself. Kiro was barely alive, and the Rebels were forced to leave Shawken abruptly to get him back to a medical facility on Endor.

Santor likely followed the Rebels back to Endor, as after Kiro had been placed in a medical facility, the First Conference of Free Peoples began. Santor's role in the proceedings was undocumented, but Santor's friends on Shawken had indicated to Luke that the council would benefit greatly from Santor's wisdom during the discussions.