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Sanyassan was the native language of the Sanyassans, a reptilian species from Sanyassa IV. It featured growls, guttural snarls, and shrieks.[1] Most Sanyassans were fluent in both Sanyassan language and Basic, but only literate in their own language.[2] The Nightsister Charal also learnt this language after she joined with the Sanyassan Marauders of Endor, a group of pillagers led by King Terak.[3] According to Sergeant Pfilbee Jhorn of the Galactic Empire, the Sanyassan language was written using a hieroglyphic system.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sanyassan language was heard in several scenes from the 1985 made-for-TV film Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, notably during a discussion between King Terak and the Nightsister Charal. According to the movie credits, the Sanyassan dialogues were created by Mari Mine-Rutka.[3]


Gnome-speakernotes TerakSanyassan-BFE.ogg (info)
Terak speaks in his native Sanyassan language
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Gnome-speakernotes CharalSanyassan-BFE.ogg (info)
Terak and the witch Charal converse in Sanyassan
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