Sapella was a planet located in the Kathol Outback. Remote even by Outback standards, the planet was five days travel from Timbra Ott. Not many merchants plied the route, since more profits were to be had at Jangelle and the Kathol Republic. Around 8 ABY, Sapella was in the early stages of an ice age. The polar ice-caps covered much of the northern and southern hemispheres, and a temperate band at the equator was the only habitable part of the planet. Temperatures ranged from icy to frigid, but the colony’s placement allowed it to avoid the worst of the weather. The colony was located on hilly coastland islands, and produced hindian pears, sihan peaches, grains and livestock. Wine was also produced, which merchants traded for needed supplies from Timbra Ott and Jangelle.

Sapella maintained a fleet of two large – but dated – capital ships, and had a mutual defense pact with Timbra Ott. A third capital ship was destroyed prior to 8 ABY in a collision with an Aing-Tii ship. The collision was accidental, but the government of Sapella was unaware of that fact.


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