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Saponza's Gang, also known as the Tatooine rebel cell, was a unit led by Saponza. They were in operation at Saponza's homestead on Tatooine some time after the Battle of Yavin. At that time, they were joined by a former associate of Saponza. The group killed several of Jabba's outlaws, and their base was razed in revenge. They then rebuilt it, receiving offers of help from both the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire.[1] After joining the Rebellion,[3] the gang was sent on various missions to combat Imperial forces, Tusken Raiders, and numerous factions of mercenaries and criminals. The gang had bases on Tatooine, Dandoran, Er'Kit, Hoth, Sullust, Takodana, and Yavin 4.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Saponza's Gang is the unit that the player joins in the 2014 mobile game Star Wars: Commander. After the first chapter, the player must either join the Rebels or the Empire.


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