Sapphire's Gem, previously known as New Cov Quasar, was a Crescent-class transport Mark I built by Hyrotii Corporation and used by the smuggler Kevas Startron until he gave it to fellow smuggler Sapphire as a gift.


The New Cov Quasar was a property of Kevas Startron, an aged smuggler. At some point circa 5 BBY, Startron wanted to retire, but decided to have one last run with his ship. Understanding that his health was not good, Startron recruited Sapphire, a young smuggler woman with whom he was friends. Startron's health state then declined quickly and Sapphire was forced to pilot the ship on her own under challenging circumstances.

Sapphire refused to take credit for her deeds, and instead people believed Startron was still in good shape. Grateful for her performance, Startron gave the Quasar to Sapphire as a gift.

Soon, Sapphire performed several modifications on the transport so that many of their systems were no longer original. Sapphire wanted to work as a courier, and to do so she made a fast, furtive ship that could avoid sensors: Specialized shields hid the ship's energy emanations, and the easily-detectable energy weapons were replaced with fire-linked concussion missile launchers that were easier to hide, even if they were less useful in combat.