Saral Aenet was a grizzled female free trader and the captain of a Corellian G9 Rigger-class merchant ship, the Silver Star. Though Aenet and her crew were not formally rebels, they had no love for the Empire. They dealt in various legal goods, and occasionally traded antiquities. Whenever Aenet stumbled across a holocron in a market, she remembered the device from the stories of the Jedi in her childhood, and decided to secret it away from the Empire's reach.

At some point, Aenet's actions attracted the attention of Duke Erron Irbian, the Imperial ruler of Jorra, who callously gave Nex Pavros and his group of bounty hunters an order to intercept the Silver Star and kill the seven-member crew. After the massacre, a group of Force-sensitives discovered the Suljo Warde's holocron hidden in a secret compartment installed behind a computer terminal in the ship's cockpit.