"They've lost control of the drill. It's destabilizing the surface of the planet!"
Dellis Tantor[src]

The Sarapin drilling platform was an Imperial facility on Sarapin. Perched on a framework over the crater of a volcano, the laser drill operated normally until its capture by the Rebel Alliance.

In 0 BBY, the Rebels lost control of the drill, leading to severe tectonic disturbances that destroyed an energy collector. If not shut down, the drill threatened to trigger volcanic eruptions and groundquakes that could ravage the surface of the planet. Fortunately, Brenn Tantor and his forces had arrived to retake the Sarapin facilities from the Alliance. Tantor recaptured the drill and inserted his technically-minded brother Dellis into the facility, where he was able to input the shutdown codes and save Sarapin and its energy-production capacity.


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