"A good friend is one who always pays for the first and last drinks of the evening …"
―Sara Krenin[src]

Saras Krenin was a female Rodian bounty hunter of House Benelex. She was the associate of several Rodians killed by Han Solo, and she found a particular joy in hunting the Corellian smuggler down, though even she realized the chances of her capturing him were slight. She would drop a current assignment if a chance at capturing Solo presented itself.

Krenin, upon receiving her assignment from her House Benelex coordinator, would hold expensive, lavish parties to announce it, providing her with eager informants (whom she paid well, studying their tips carefully), and often scaring her quarry into revealing themselves by bolting; upon learning the location of her prey, she would act swiftly and take the first opportunity to capture them.

She was known to use Rodian razor-sticks.


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