"I say! Excellently done men, excellently done! I'll be sure to tell your Regimental Commander about your work here today. Reminds me of that time on Keeara Major.. heh-heh. Well no time for shop-talk lads, the good Doctor up here seems to have a broken leg. Would you please call for an airlift out?"
―Sargo VenHalgon to his rescuers[src]

Lord Sargo VenHalgon was an aristocrat from Cinnagar on Empress Teta and was married to Lady VenHalgon. During the Clone Wars, he went on vacation to the Cularin system and hired the space yacht Twilight's Kiss from Cularin Star Tours. He landed it in the jungles of the planet Cularin, where he planned to go hunting with his entourage. However he and his party were chased up a cliff by a Kilassin, but were rescued by the crew of the CST safety ship, Starchaser IV. His wife then arrived, along with some Tarasin who had saved her, and told her husband off for getting into the dangerous situation.