The Sarkhai were a Near-Human sentient species native to the Mid Rim planet Sarkhai.[1] Force-sensitives were uncommon among the Sarkhai,[2] so much so that Nadia Grell was the only one known to have the abilities on her entire planet, though word of a child with similar traits reached her ears after she became a Padawan to the Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order.

The Sarkhai tradition of face-painting developed as a way to frighten the predators of their homeworld.[1]

In order to protect themselves against the great dangers on their planet, the Sarkhai developed highly sophisticated defensive technology[1] that made them sought after for alliance. Upon joining the Galactic Republic, the Rift Alliance recruited the Sarkhai into their fold and the Children of the Emperor wanted them to join the Empire, in order to get their technology.

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