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"I was heartbroken when my father forced you to leave Drogheda. Of course, I couldn't blame him—not after he learned that you intended to worm your way into the family mining business and our fortune—by marrying me!"

Sarna's father was the father of Sarna and Danu on the planet Drogheda. He was the head of the Drogheda Mining Company, and he had set up his eldest daughter, Sarna to take over the company. When Lando Calrissian began to dote on his daughter, Sarna's father became very suspicious, being very protective of his daughter and his wealth. He eventually surmised that Calrissian was planning to marry his daughter in order to get at the family's wealth, as well as their booming mining industry. To stop Calrissian from carrying out his plan, he banished the man from his world and from his daughter.

Years later, at some point following the Battle of Endor, Calrissian was summoned back to Drogheda by the now Queen Sarna. Sarna's father had passed away by this point.