Sartius was a male colonel who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War. During the Battle of Balmorra, he served as naval attaché to the Imperial governor of Balmorra.[1]

Lieutenant Major Pirrell attempted to take Sartius's place by having an unidentified bounty hunter cause many mishaps on Sartius's important missions. Although Sartius was placed under arrest, Pirrell's plan backfired, as Admiral Ivernus personally came down to the planet to execute him. Little did Pirrell know, however, was that his bounty hunter was secretly in the Great Hunt and their target was Ivernus himself. As Ivernus came out of his ship, the hunter attacked and killed him, as well as Pirell's Cathar servant, Murghir, who was revealed to be the other hunter attempting to kill Ivernus.


Notes and referencesEdit

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