Satellite force field shield projectors around The Maw Imperial prison facility planetoid.

Satellite force field shield projectors were satellites capable of projecting a force field around a given area. They possessed three panels with a central core, and were capable of using up to six of each for each section. Each completed section resembled a hexagon. The satellites were vulnerable to ion cannons, and disabling three satellites would result in a hole in the force field large enough to allow a small fighter squadron to penetrate the barrier.[1]

In 3 ABY, in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, Rogue Squadron was tasked to investigate rumors of an Imperial prison facility within the Maw. In order to infiltrate the satellite, Rogue Squadron, utilizing their BTL Y-wing Starfighters' ion cannons, had to knock out three satellite force field shield projectors to allow them enough of an opening to enter the facility, although they also had to destroy several Tankers and TIE fighters when their presence was discovered.[1]



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