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Legacy era[2]

Sauk was a Mon Calamari male engineer and later a combatant during an insurgency initiated by the Sith Lord Darth Wredd. Born on Dac, Sauk wished to become an engineer, but his need of adventure made him leave the place and apprentice offworld.[1] When the One Sith committed a genocide on Dac during the Second Imperial Civil War, Sauk ended up as a refugee in the Outer Rim. He found himself homeless in the Carreras system, when Ania Solo met him and helped him to get a shelter and a job as a worker in the ice mining facility of Carreras Minor.[3]

In 138 ABY, Sauk and his new friend Ania discovered a lightsaber inside a salvaged Imperial communications droid. The two attempted to sell the lightsaber in a city on Carreras Major, but ran afoul of local security instead.[2] This skirmish drew attention of Darth Wredd, impersonating the Imperial Knight Yalta Val. Wredd tracked them to Ania's junkyard, seized the lightsaber and ordered the guards to kill both Ania and Sauk. However, they were saved by Ania's friend AG-37, who offered them a transport off the Carreras system.[4]

Their flight ended when a blockade of the Carreras system, ordered by Wredd, forced them to land on Carreras Minor. After meeeting another Imperial Knight Jao Assam and discovering Wredd's ruse, the group decided to search for Yalta Val. They traveled to the Surd Nebula, but were trapped by a Shifalan patrol ship[5] and transported to the Carreras G51 communications array. There the group was briefly imprisoned, until governor Biala finally saw through Wredd's deception and set the group free. A short battle with Wredd followed, leaving Sauk injured and unconscious.[6] He and the others were later saved by Ania Solo, just before the array met its end in a collision with the rogue planet Mala.[7]

Their freighter was then found by the Imperial Star Destroyer Animus. While Ania was offered a job on Coruscant, Sauk decided to accompany AG-37 in his freighter.[8] Their separation, however, did not last long. When Sauk and AG-37 were heading to Iego, they picked up a distress signal from Dac, broadcasted by the familiar communications droid. Sauk and AG-37 arrived in time to rescue Ania and Jao, who decided to pursue Darth Wredd, from an escape pod launched to Dac's poisoned ocean.[9] The reunited group then played an important part in the liberation of Mon Calamari Shipyards, when Jao and the Imperial Knights defeated a gang of pirates led by the Sith Lord Darth Luft. Sauk and AG-37 then decided to join Ania and Jao in their pursuit of Darth Wredd.[10]

In 139 ABY, Ania became wanted for the murder of an Imperial Knight. While Jao had his doubts, Sauk believed in Ania's innocence. Before Ania could explain herself, she was kidnapped by a group of bounty hounters.[11] Hunters's ship was, however, damaged, and Sauk and his companions found Ania, stranded on a wild planet and fighting for her life with another bounty hunter, who was trying to frame Ania for the murder she did not commit. With Val's help, they were able to prove Ania's innocence, but Jao was arrested for desertion from the Imperial Knights.[12]

When Jao was suddenly abducted from the prison, Empress Marasiah Fel offered to recall the death penalty, if Jao would be brought back. Ania agreed and when they received the coordinates from Jao, she, Sauk, AG-37 and the group of Trandoshan stormtroopers traveled to the coordinates.[13] To their surprise, they arrived to the planet Mala, where Jao was being held by Wredd. Right after Jao was freed, the group ended up in the sudden battle between a legion of the One Sith and Darth Wredd. They reluctantly joined Wredd, but were heavily outnumbered and their situation was becoming critical. Sauk was nearly struck down by a Sith, but incoming Triumvirate starfighter saved him, blasting the Sith.[14] During the ensuing fighting between the One Sith and the Imperial Knights, Sauk and Ania assisted the Imperial forces by blowing up a Chadra-Fan Lander, killing several Sith. Following the defeat of Darth Wredd and the One Sith, Sauk would join Ania, Jao, AG-37, and their Imperial comm droid on their travels throughout the galaxy.[15]



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