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Savara Two was a Human-Columi hybrid clone of the Force-sensitive mercenary Savara Raine, secretly Vestara Khai. Savara Two was created under Marvid Qreph's supervision, as the Columi crime lord was fond of the original Savara, but thought she needed "improvements," as it were. Savara Two's existence was kept secret from Khai until the Millennium Falcon attacked Base Prime, where the clone was created, when the invasion coerced Khai to defend herself by sending Marvid's brother, Craitheus, into the path of several laser bolts that rendered him half-dead. In response, Marvid betrayed Khai and left her to die in the attack while using the extremely loyal Savara Two's Force-sensitivity to act as the key to entering the the gate next to an unidentified monolith that Base Prime was stationed above; this way, the Qrephs would gain the Force for themselves.

Savara Two met her end when Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Solo entered the monolith, which saw Skywalker disintegrating Savara Two with a Force-blast.


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