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"This ain't good enough! Do better next time!"
―Scamp's father[src]

Scamp's father was the head of a large family that lived in the slums of the planet Solay. He was an abusive man that often struck out at his children, hitting them for no other reason than that they were in his way. As a result, his family was scared of him, and they often scattered when he entered a room. This man taught his children to steal, and his prized student was Scamp, one of his older children. Although Scamp brought back large hauls of loot, his father was never impressed, deriding Scamp for not bringing back more.


Scamp's father strikes one of his children.

Around 4 ABY, Scamp's father witnessed Luke Skywalker and his son entering the slums with a haul of stolen goods. Scamp's father examined the goods, claiming that Scamp must have forgotten the tricks he had taught him, since he had brought back such a small amount. Skywalker attempted to intervene, but Scamp stopped him. Shortly thereafter, the two left the man's home.