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Scandal of Blood was the name of a proposed animated short that was pitched in 2012. It would have dealt with the political consequences of Leia Organa being outed as Darth Vader's daughter, and was described by Pablo Hidalgo and Rayne Roberts as a Star Wars version of the TV series House of Cards. Although the short was never made, the scandalous revelation it featured went on to appear in the 2016 novel Bloodline, written by Claudia Gray.


  • TwitterLogo @pablohidalgo (Pablo Hidalgo) on Twitter. "The scandalous revelation in the book was actually a pitch for a pre-TFA animated short proposed back in 2012 called 'Scandal of Blood'"
  • TwitterLogo @pablohidalgo (Pablo Hidalgo) on Twitter. "The 'Scandal of Blood' idea is what Rayne & I called 'Star Wars House of Cards' & said, this should be a book someday. 4 years later, it is!"