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"We have received several scandocs through various channels confirming that Darth Vader has left a garrison behind on the Bespin mining colony of Cloud City."
―General Harrid Sendo, Imperial Intelligence[src]

A scandoc was a type of transmitted document, often used by Imperial Intelligence for inter-departmental communication. Imperial scandocs were infamous for their high level of encryption, and even when fully decoded, often featured nomenclature that would baffle raw Intelligence recruits.

Between the years of 40 and 43 ABY, a scandoc was circulated widely in Confederation holofeeds detailing the extent of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Its true authorship had never been properly established, although it was variously claimed to either be part of an Imperial Naval Academy lecture, an address to the Council of Moffs, or part of a memoir by either Jacen Solo or Natasi Daala.

Behind the scenesEdit

They may have been meant to resemble faxes.



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