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Scar Blenner was a large Human, and a member of the Blood Raptors gang on Genarius. When the Rodian Teeloo accidentally destroyed a Blood Raptor snubfighter, Blenner went to Teeloo's docking bay and ambushed the Rodian. He had his Raptors take Teeloo's cargo, and told Teeloo he would be able to get his cargo back if he beat one of them in a race through Eskaron. If Teeloo lost, they would take his ship. Scar wrote the coordinates of the race on the Rodian's forehead to humiliate him. He was still roughing Teeloo up when some passing samaritans interfered and chased him off.

Behind the scenesEdit

Blenner also led the group that wanted to take Teeloo's ship after the race, unless he was killed in the first scene, in which case he was replaced with Vhell Kursoc. Else, Blenner would be killed in the last scene.


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