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Scardia Station, also Space Station Scardia, was a cubical space station in the Null Zone.


After the Battle of Endor, it served as headquarters for the false Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side, the pseudo-Kadann. Scardia also functioned as a palacial receiving chamber used to overawe supplicants with displays of the Prophets' vast wealth.

Seeking revenge on the true Kadann, and believing the pseudo-Kadann to be the Emperor's Mage whom he imitated, Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati brought every weapon in his fleet to bear on Scardia Station, destroying it and killing the pretend Prophet.


Chamber of Dark VisionsEdit

This chamber was supposedly used by the Church of the Dark Side as a location through which they divined future events.

Chamber of Dark JusticeEdit

A room designed to serve as a court room where judgment was held on traitors that were charged with working against the Empire.



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