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A spaceport was the property of Scarlet Bloodhawk in the time around the Battle of Yavin, until her own second-in-command, the Ky'lessan Snake-Eyes, kidnapped her and took control of the facility.


A spaceport was the property of Scarlet Bloodhawk. It had landing beacons and repair centers for starships. In the time around the battle of Yavin, Bloodhawk used the services of a Ky'lessan who went by the name of Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes became Bloodhawk's right-hand sentient, but then he became ambitious and kidnapped Bloodhawk, keeping her in her own rooms in the port. Snake-Eyes either hid this information to the rest of the port's crew, or all of them were his accomplices.[1]

Snake-Eyes then disregarded the maintenance of the port to obtain a better profit. He continued using Bloodhawk's domodroid H2-1B4. Soon in 0 ABY, certain old allies of Bloodhawk arrived to the port, needing their ship to be repaired. Snake-Eyes discovered that the newcomers were members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and secretly denounced them to the Galactic Empire. He also ordered his men to sabotage these people's ship while pretending to be fixing it. H2-1B4 recruited the Rebels to rescue Bloodhawk. All of them tried to escape the port, but the Empire had sent an Imperial cutter and they had to dodge the Imperial's attacks.[1]


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