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This article is about the slugthrower. You may be looking for the energy weapon.

The scatter gun was a low-velocity slugthrower that fired a spray of solid pellets when fired. It could often hit multiple targets or eliminate one target with a single blast. However, its damage decreased as range to the target increased, since the pellets scattered if fired from too far away; this made the weapon more suited for close-quarters combat.

The scatter gun was common on backwater worlds where slugthrowers were still the predominant weapon of choice. The gun was cheap and so was its ammunition; 10 shells each cost 2 credits and weighed 0.1 kilograms. Its low manufacturing cost and utility as a hunting weapon helped maintain its popularity. Mercenaries, marines, and other soldiers sometimes carried a scatter gun as a backup weapon.

A variant of this kind of slugthrower was the A-52 Frag Storm scattergun, a gun produced during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.



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