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"I have to wonder whether the Rebel Alliance command sent you and your squadron here to accomplish anything at all, or whether patrolling Kuat Drive Yards is just a convenient excuse for getting you all safely out of the way, so you won't needlessly interfere with the actual fighters, once the battle begins. I imagine that Mon Mothma has more important things to worry about than how to deploy a so-called squadron that's really little more than laser-cannon fodder."
―Kuat of Kuat, to Gennad Rozhdenst[src]

Scavenger Squadron was a starfighter squadron that flew for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.

A second Rebel Alliance squadron, made up of Y-Wings and led by Commander Gennad Rozhdenst was present at Kuat shortly before and during the Battle of Endor in an attempt to sway the planet's leaders to join the Rebellion and secretly to steal replacement Capital Ships after the attack on the second Death Star. They succeeded in taking four Lancer Frigates and an unknown number of Zebulon-B Frigates. At least two members of the squadron died when Kuat of Kuat triggered an explosion in an attempt to prevent the Galactic Empire from taking control of the shipyard.

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