Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico and Associates, better known as ShaumAssoc, was an advertising agency and public relations firm. The company was owned by Twi'leki interests and was headquartered on Ryloth[1] with offices on Coruscant in the Calocour Heights.[2] They only dealt with major corporations, and as such had a consistent presence within the Corporate Sector. When the Corporate Sector Authority was formed, ShaumAssoc became one of the original contributing sponsor, and was then upgraded to voting sponsor. They were the creators of the CSA's media and public relations departments, and were surprisingly free of the restrictions the Galactic Empire usually placed on media content.[1] They were, at one point, contracted by Cybot Galactica, and were subsequently responsible for the disastrous Blast Proof campaign.[3] Some believed that the company was involved in credit laundering for slavers, but these allegations were never proven.[1]


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