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"I do not believe you understand the seriousness of your situation."
―Governor Schennt[src]

Governor Schennt ruled the planet Gellefon from his domicile in the center of Kig Dannen Spaceport.

He always wore the most regal attire, and his dress uniforms were always perfectly pressed, sparkling clean, and covered with every official decoration he ever received. His steel-gray hair, cold-gray eyes, and pale skin added to his intimidating appearance and mannerisms. He did not like Gellefon or its natives but would stop at nothing to enforce the will of the Emperor.

When members of Deep Ear were received at his detention center, Pinnacle Keep, after capturing the plans for the second Death Star, he believed he had been honored to receive them. His planet was in fact chosen for the very fact that it was a place that the Rebellion would try to rescue the Bothans. The stormtroopers were made aware of the Emperor's will, though Schennt and his own troopers were left in the dark.

So, when a group of Rebels did indeed free the Bothans with help from the Gellefon Freedom Fighters, Schennt did all that was in his power to stop them from escaping. When the rebels managed to get to their ship and were about to escape, he sent his system patrol craft after them, and ordered the Invincible to stop the ship. Despite his best efforts, the rebels managed to escape and delivered the Death Star II plans to the Alliance High Command in the Sullust system.