Scherp's Estate was the home of Sith Commander Doel Scherp while on shore leave on the planet Sernpidal, located within the capital's wealthy west side of the residential district.

The outside of the estate was surrounded by a four-meter tall, one-meter thick permacrete wall and was guarded by Sith troopers, and patrolled two units of four Sentinel Droids. Its main entrance was heavily guarded and was monitored by security cameras in the event that an alarm needed to be sounded to call for reinforcements, the delivery gate on the other hand was unguarded and secured only by a security camera that allowed the gate to be unlocked when delivery trucks arrived.

Scherp kept an office on the first floor of the estate, which contained multiple shelves stocked with datacards, expensive artwork, and four Sith Assault droids, one in each corner of the room posed like sculptures until activated to defend him.

During the Mission to Sernpidal, agents of the Galactic Republic infiltrated the estate to obtain a code cylinder to Darth Revan's flagship in the Commander's possession.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scherps's Estate appears as part of The Betrayal of Darth Revan adventure for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition. The players as agents of the Galactic Republic are tasked to locate Scherp's Estate after their arrival on Sernpidal so that they may retrieve his code cylinder. The players must decide how they intend to find Scherp's Estate, how they will overcome the estate's defenses, and finally how best to relieve him of the code cylinder.