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Schizodes were an insectoid sentient species. Though they were considered to be good combatants and crafters, they were not very individualized.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Schizodes were bipedal insectoids with six limbs, two legs and four arms. Each of their arms ended in a pincer. The Schizodes lacked individual personality but their insectoid brain led them to mimic the personality and behavior of the humanoid who impressed them the most each day.

Society and cultureEdit

Schizodes lacked personality and individuality, but they mimicked surrounding humanoids daily. Because of this, they would be seen wandering the galaxy with no true goal.

Behind the scenesEdit

Schizodes, along with the Slugh, Arakhyn and Sylphe species, were created by Patrick Bousquet and Christophe Debien for an ambiguously-canon roleplaying game adventures which appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli 95. The species was illustrated by Thierry Ségur.