Science Station Youst was a XQ1 Platform used by the Dimoks as a research and was also a secret weapons facility.


In 3 ABY, towards the very end of the forty-year Sepan Civil War, the station came under attack by Ripoblus forces in the Battle of Science Station Youst as reprisal for an attack on their convoy by Dimok raiders. The stations defenses which included a pair of Escort Shuttles and some Z-95 Headhunters were not enough to repel the attack and hailed for assistance. Admiral Harkov with his starship Protector intervened and drove off the Ripoblus attack, despite the Ripobulus protesting about Youst's secret purpose. Maarek Stele then inspected the containers to find out that Science Station Youst was storing illegal weaponry for research, proving the Ripoblus claims and confirming the Secret Order's suspicions and as a result the station was captured by Harkov, despite the Dimok's attempts to stop them.



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