"Ah, the Rakata! I’m impressed, Doctor. I thought your expertise limited to science fiction, but it also includes holothrillers."
―Conan Antonio Motti[src]

Science fiction[1] or future-fic[2] was a genre of fiction dealing with the impact of imagined science on future society.[1] At the time of the Clone Wars, future-fic holodramas frequently included gadgets that could instantaneously assemble a meal from basic ingredients, a feat that could not be accomplished in real-life. The reporter Den Dhur was known to watch such dramas on occasion, and he once noted how unrealistic they were.[2] In 1 BBY, Imperial Navy Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, during a briefing about discoveries of remnants of the Celestial-Rakata War, mockingly stated that he initially considered the scientist heading the briefing, Dr. Insmot Bowen, to be an expert of science fiction, but re-evaluated him to be a holothriller expert as well.[1]



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