The Scientific Method was a submarine owned by the Dorumaa Research Institute and it was used by them on Dorumaa.


The research student Solwyn Tamm and the Heroes of Cularin once set out in the Method to observe the two Dorumaan leviathans, Jessel and Titon. It was damaged by a reef and then shortly after responded to a distress call from a tracker attached to Jessel. The sub eventually arrived at Jessel's location and it's crew discovered that the leviathan had been stolen. They began to search for it and they traveled to Trammel's island. The heroes rescued the Kel Dor scientist A. Rahring from the crime lord Rufus Trammel and he joined them aboard the sub. He told them that Trammel had stolen Jessel and also argued with Tamm, as they had differing scientific views about the leviathans. They eventually brought the sub to the place where Trammel had imprisoned the creature and they freed it. They then traveled in the Method to Greentree Pointe.