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Galen Walton Erso, scientist and polymath

Scientists were researchers in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. The Kaminoans were scientists who specialized in cloning technology. Zare Leonis's parents, Leo and Tepha Leonis, were agricultural scientists employed by the Imperial Ministry of Agriculture. Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious enlisted the scientist Cylo to look into possible replacements for his apprentice Darth Vader. The female Tulon Voidgazer was a scientist who served aboard the Death Star superweapon before its destruction.

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Behind the scenesEdit

On The Clone Wars season two featurette Attack of the Zillo Beast, concept artist Kilian Plunkett poked fun at how many "well meaning" scientists like Doctor Sionver Boll aren't interested in solving societal issues, but as they mean well their mistakes are entirely forgivable.



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