Sclavos was a city on the Outer Rim world of Kowak, founded and developed in the years after the end of the Clone Wars by Prince Sono Molec of the Zygerrian Slave Empire. Sclavos began as an outpost, but grew over time into the seat of the Zygerrian prince's power, leading to Sclavos becoming Kowak's de facto capital. Molec and his subjects saw Kowak transformed into a satellite headquarters for the Zygerrian Slavers Guild, and Sclavos—along with Kowak's other newly established settlements, Lanturi and Caden—became a place for local slavers to refuel, resupply, and sell and purchase slaves from a variety of sources.


Slave Cells FLT

A slave den on the outskirts of Sclavos

Sclavos was the de facto capital city of the planet Kowak, a rainforest-covered world in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. The city was positioned atop a rhombus-shaped plateau of red granite spanning several kilometers in width; three of the plateau's sides were cliffs that rose thirty meters above steep embankments covered in dense vegetation, while the fourth was a gradual slop of rocky outcroppings that descended into the surrounding jungle. The city's lower landings comprised the slave sector, where dozens of huts and makeshift villages were surrounded by tall wire fences, each connected by a narrow dirt road and enclosed by a smooth granite wall that served to keep the slaves in and the jungle predators out. An overhead look of Sclavos revealed a patchwork of buildings with bronzium, golden, and patinated rooftops, in addition to numerous rooftop landing platforms spread throughout the southern portion of the city. Sclavos' streets played host to thousands of merchants, thieves, slavers, and prospective buyers, who flocked to the city's crowded marketplace, full of tents and shops displaying caged slaves. The plateau's northern peninsula was dominated by the Molec Royal Palace, an enormous jade-colored ziggurat that towered over the rest of Sclavos.[1]

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The city of Sclavos was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the roleplaying game adventure book Friends Like These, published on December 8, 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games.


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