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"Is that a hairstyle, or did a womp rat die on your head?"
"Did you just… what… who do… shut up!"
―Scorch is insulted by the smuggler[src]

Scorch was a Human male bounty hunter who was active during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. His nickname "Scorch" came from his constant use of a flamethrower.


During a career of bounty hunting, Scorch's nickname and favorite weapon were fast developed, using mostly a flamethrower while collecting bounties. His reckless use of the weapon resulted in vaporizing several people accidentally, including his girlfriend.

In 3643 BBY, he along with lovers Egara and Riloh worked for Rogun Matt'rik. The trio traveled to Coruscant, intending to collect a bounty on a smuggler who had lost a shipment of blasters belonging to Rogun. The three cornered the smuggler in the Dealer's Den cantina as he returned from business, but Egara and Riloh's love talk aggravated Scorch, and he boldly faced the captain. Scorch wanted to rush into the fray with flamethrower and take the bounty, but the smuggler was able to convince Riloh that killing him was a bad idea. The three departed the cantina, with Scorch complaining that he would have bought a rocket launcher had they collected the bounty.

Behind the scenesEdit

During the conversation in which the smuggler encounters the three bounty hunters, the player's choices can also convince Egara that she tracked down the wrong person instead of the one on the bounty listing. But if the player entices any of the three, Torch will attack with his flamethrower, yelling, "Let's burn it up!" Because this article assumes 100% game completion rather than choosing options where the "Attack" option is included, the main portion of the article includes the ending where the three are convinced to disregard to bounty and leave the smuggler alone.


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