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Scorpions were predatory, venomous arthropods. Varieties were found on many worlds.


One species was native to Solay. One sting meant instant death to many species. Braxas was known to test people by placing a scorpion in a bowl of worms and forcing them to eat the worms with chopsticks. Luke Skywalker was tested in this way before he piloted Braxas off the Imperial-seized planet.

Another subspecies, known as the sandscorpion, inhabited to the Dune Sea of Tatooine. They were known to come in different sizes, with some creatures being much larger than others. Hutts apparently found them to be an edible delicacy, and would tend to eat them alive.

The cyborg bounty hunter D'harhan owned a ship that, when docked, would have its mesh seine curl over the back of the ship, much like a scorpion's tail.


Unknown species 1

Tatooine scorpion

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