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The EC-17,[1] also known as the scout pistol or scout trooper blaster,[3] was a standard-issue hold-out blaster pistol for Imperial scout troopers, manufactured by BlasTech Industries.


Corporal oberk

A scout trooper with an EC-17.

A compact, one-handed weapon manufactured by BlasTech Industries, the EC-17 featured a built-in targeting scope to assist its user's aim, and a short-range laser emitter. The pressure-sensitive grip located on the weapon's left side made it easier to fire while wearing gloves. The blaster was designed for short-range targets, and therefore lost accuracy over greater distances.[1]


The EC-17 became the standard-issue sidearm of scout troopers of the Galactic Empire, and was commonly holstered in a trooper's boot. The pressure-sensitive grip instead of a trigger accounted for the user's gloves.[1] The weapon was also used by soldiers of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War,[2] and was wielded by scout troopers on Endor during the Battle of Endor.[4]

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