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Scramble keys, also known as luckbreakers and lottery keys, were a type of electronic lock breaker developed to bypass electronic locks that required a password or code input to open a door.



A scramble key in use by New Republic spies.

An anti-security device capable of overriding alarms, bypassing security systems, and opening computer locks, scramble keys cycled through possible codes at incredible speeds, having an enormous processing power. Because of this, the device often found the correct code faster then it could input them. While manual overrides were possible, it was not as effective as allowing the machine to process the code by itself.[1]

Jango Fett owned an electronic lock breaker with an algorithmic security bypassing system. Despite heavy regulations, tools of this nature were favored by slicers, criminals, spies, and bounty hunters. The con artist Crix Griff carried a scramble key.



Endless Vigil (First identified as Scramble key)

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