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"This predator lunged out of a still pool and dragged one of our team members under before we could effect a rescue. The body was never recovered."
Halka Four-Den about a scrange on Dagobah[src]

The scrange was a large tusk-tailed amphibian that lived in the muddy swamp area of Dagobah.


Full view of a scrange from the side

This creature had many bioluminescent patches on its body to light its way around or to attract prey. When prey got close, the scrange would lift out of the mud on its crustaceal legs to make a quick attack or it would use its tail tusks to impale its prey.

Scranges somehow found their way to several worlds. During the Clone Wars Battle of Brentaal IV, a scrange attacked Jedi Master Shaak Ti and her crew of Quinlan Vos, Lyshaa, Ryyk, Sagoro Autem, and a clone trooper. The predator was able to kill Ryyk, but was killed by Ti when she pierced its head with her lightsaber.



A scrange attacking Shaak Ti, Quinlan Vos, and Ryyk.


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